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Whether you enjoy outdoor entertaining or have a love for gardening, backyard spaces continue to transform as new trends flourish. From landscaping to outdoor amenities, homeowners are investing more than ever in their backyards. Today, the backyard is less about the extra lot of land and more of an extension of the home. Here is a look at how backyard spaces have changed since Long & Foster was founded in 1968.

Landscaping: “The emphasis on landscaping has changed drastically over the years – from the bare basics to much more extensive designs,” said Dave Reed, vice president of the Landscape Department of Meadows Farms Nurseries & Landscape. While annuals and woody shrubs continue to be used in backyard landscaping, perennial plants are much more

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By Jackie E. Allder, Vice President, Public Relations & Communications, The Long & Foster Companies

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, an accurate appraisal is key to the transaction’s success. When the appraisal is not right, the whole deal can end up going sideways—leaving all parties frustrated.

To help you better understand and get ready for a home appraisal, we talked with Brian Quinlan, chief appraiser for Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC.

Here are three things that buyers and sellers need to know about appraisals:

The sellers’ agent can provide helpful information directly to the appraiser. For home sellers, your real estate agent serves as your advocate during the appraisal, and the information they present to the

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